IntelliRoll SPORT Foam Roller Master Carton

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Get a Studio Pack and save big! Perfect for a private studios and group fitness classes.

The IntelliRoll® SPORT is our most compact, lightweight foam roller and is ideal for those who prefer a light to medium pressure massage. It is crafted from a high quality foam and is made right here in the USA. It is 17.5 in. and weighs 4 oz. making it perfect for those looking for a travel size foam roller.

Group fitness certifications available to teach a 30-60 minute Intelliroll® recovery classed called Pressure Release Flow™. For more information send inquiries to

Every purchase comes with a complimentary spine-care and daily recovery protocol accessible through Dr. K’s Body Fix University™. There you’ll find an online library of instructional videos to improve common musculoskeletal conditions using a combination of IntelliRoll® mobility techniques and strengthening exercises.