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Common customer questions are answered right here.

Why is there a groove in the center?

The groove in the center, called the Spine Zone, cradles the vertebrae so that you can foam roll the muscles and joints surrounding the spine while keeping your vertebrae safe.

Why are there concave spaces on the IntelliRoll?

The concave shape of the Body Zones increase the contact surface area. Our limbs and torso are round so the concave shape wraps around more of your body giving you fast, effective results.

What are the bumps on the central platform for?

They enhance sensory awareness of the Spine Zone so you easily stay on track while rolling your spine.

How do I know which IntelliRoll is right for me?

The FIRM is made with a rigid inner core (harder than PVC pipe) and the outside is made with firm EVA foam. It’s perfect for seasoned foam roll users, athletes and for those who prefer deep, firm pressure.

The FLEX is made with a flexible inner core and is covered with soft, EVA foam. It’s perfect for those who prefer a medium to firm pressure.

The SPORT is our most compact, lightweight roller and provides light to medium pressure. It’s perfect for those new to foam rolling or for those who want want a compact roller for traveling or taking to the gym. It’s tender and efficient pressure releases tension in all areas of the body.

Can I try the IntelliRoll before I purchase it?

We welcome you to visit to us at Omega Rehab & Sport in Thousand Oaks, CA during normal business hours. Please call 805-230-1199, and we will arrange for one of our team members to give you a demonstration and let you experience it yourself. If you don’t live in California, we have distributors, clinicians and IntelliRoll ambassadors located throughout the United States. Send us a message and we’ll be happy to connect you with one.

Can I wash my IntelliRoll?

Yes. We recommend using a cloth with hot water and soap or natural cleansing wipes.

How do I use my IntelliRoll?

Please visit our online library of instructional videos HERE