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What experts say about IntelliRoll®…

BAS RUTTEN – Four Time MMA Champion


STEVE PATE – Professional Golfer


ERIC BLUM, DC – Team DC, LA Dodgers

Brooksie Bayard - IntelliRoll foam roll client
“The first time I tried Intelliroll I was instantly spoiled! I did not look forward to using another roller.”

BROOKSIE BAYARD, CPT – Professional MMA Fighter, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Bas Rutton - IntelliRoll foam roll client
“I love curves!  Who doesn’t love curves? I use the IntelliRoll daily for all my recovery needs. It’s the best self-care tool I have ever used!”

BAS RUTTEN – UFC Hall of Fame Inductee, 1st UFC Heavyweight Champion, 3x Pancrase World Champion

Eric Blum - IntelliRoll foam roll client
“The design just makes sense.  A great tool for athletic recovery and daily spine care.  Dr. K. knocked it out of the park!”

ERIC BLUM, DC – Doctor for Chiropractic, Team Chiropractor of The LA Dodgers

Davon House - IntelliRoll foam roll client
“I’m loving this new self-care tool! The design works better than any roller I have ever used.  Great product.”

DAVON HOUSE – Cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars

Reed Christy - IntelliRoll foam roll client
“As a personal trainer and U.S. soccer referee, the right equipment is essential for me and my clients.  No other foam roller comes close!”

REED CHRISTY, CES, PES – Senior NASM Educator, USSF Nat’l Referee

Haha Clinton Dix - IntelliRoll foam rolling client
“This smart foam roller hits all the spots traditional rollers can’t get to.  Really feels good!”

HAHA CLINTON-DIX – Free safety for the Green Bay Packers

Scott Hebel - IntelliRoll foam roll client
“IntelliRoll’s well thought out design provides significant benefits beyond other rollers.  Highly recommended!”

SCOTT HEBEL, MPT – Physical Therapist, Functional Rehab Specialist

Tanoai Reed - IntelliRoll foma roll client
“The IntelliRoll is awesome! Best complete roll out session I’ve ever had!”

TANOAI REED – Stunt-Double of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 3x Taurus World Stunt Award Recipient, American Gladiator