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Foam rolling is an important yet often overlooked part of a fitness routine. If used properly, foam rollers can help you recover from injuries, ease knots, get rid of adhesions in muscles and connective tissue, and increase flexibility, making exercising more effective.

But not all foam rollers are created equal. Our bodies, unlike a standard, cylinder-shaped foam roller, are not flat. We have curves, and often a standard foam roller can’t reach those contoured spots. That’s where the IntelliRoll comes in — its innovative design was built to work with the natural curves of the body.

Dr. K with the IntelliRoll

The IntelliRoll was designed by Dr. Sevak Khodabakhshian DC, QME, otherwise known as Dr. K, who realized that the foam roller desperately needed an update.

The patented design features an indented Spine Zone surrounded on both sides by sensory dots, which help massage stubborn knots and muscle tension in the hard-to-reach area between the shoulder blades.

The concave Body Zones on each side are for the arms, legs, thighs and many other areas of the body. And the lateral platforms at the end of the IntelliRoll are great for a bit more pressure on the different muscle areas; they also ensure stability.   Read entire article