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IntelliRoll foam roller review with Fit Dad ChrisBy: Fit Dad Chris
March 20, 2017


First off…. give me a week or so to get a video review up. I want to show you a few tricks that you can do with the IntelliRoll  that I cannot with my other foam rollers. Yes… I have more then one  They all serve a purpose, but since I have literally fallen in love with the IntelliRoll over the weekend I wanted to get this review up since a bunch of you were asking.

I first saw the IntelliRoll in last months issue of Muscle & Fitness.  Great magazine by the way. You can literally have a new program every month and the year subscription costs like $25!! I was really interested in how it was shaped and since I foam roll quite often I wanted to give it a try.

So I pulled out the old credit card and ordered it on Wednesday afternoon and got it Saturday morning! My wife actually opened it and was like… “oh wow look at this thing!”

Firm or Flex?

  • When I was actually ordering I saw they had 2 types… the FIRM or FLEXand I was not sure which one to order. I Googled to see if I could find some reviews about each type, but there wasn’t much. In the end I gabbed the FIRM as you can see from the picture. Read entire article