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The IDEA World Convention is THE premier conference that features the freshest, most diverse educational programming from world-renowned presenters.Meet the worlds first form-fitting foam roller at the upcoming IDEA Conference.


Foam rolling is emerging as the self-care strategy of choice among active people everywhere.  Until now the primary feature of most foam rolls has been a one dimensional flat cylinder.  Many companies have improved the design by adding ridges, spikes and knobs but at the end of the day they are still just a cylinder.   The problem is our bodies aren’t flat. Our bodies have curves.



Intelliroll - the worl'ds first form-fitting foam rollerWe saw so much room for improvement in foam roll design, so we created the world’s first form-fitting foam roller.  The anatomic design of IntelliRoll is engineered to conform to every curvature in your body to provide continuous contact, to more muscle area, during every moment of use …for faster and more effective results.