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IntelliRoll Idea Fitness Convention in L.A.

IntelliRoll Booth

Los Angeles, CA. 2016 The IDEA World Fitness Convention brings together the brightest and most influential fitness professionals and leading brands from around the world.  Active Care Products, LLC revealed its flagship products The IntelliRoll Firm and The IntelliRoll Flex, the world’s first form-fitting foam rollers at the 2016 Convention.  This departure from traditional foam rollers was met with great enthusiasm from the fitness community! Celebrity trainers such as Craig Ramsay and health and beauty expert Dr. Tabasum Mir were among the many who endorsed The IntelliRoll.



IntelliRoll Lower Leg Demonstration Idea Fitness Convention in L.A.


Foam rolling is emerging as the self-care tool of choice. Until now the primary design of most foam rollers has been a straight edged cylindrical tube differentiated by bumps, spikes knobs or ridges.  The IntelliRoll is the first anatomically designed foam roller to contour the natural curves of our bodies.  It  massages multiple muscle groups at once targeting hard to reach areas with better control for effective results in as little as 30 seconds.  IntelliRoll will launch in August 2016 on