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Created by a doctor
to reduce pain and improve mobility in as little as 30 seconds

Sevak Khodabakhshian, DC, CES (AKA “Dr. K”)

Anatomic design works better

Saving time and money

IntelliRoll®’s form-fitting features release multiple muscles areas at one time at a fraction of the cost of a single visit to chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist.

Choose the IntelliRoll®  That’s Right for You

The FIRM delivers a full body deep tissue pressure massage experience.

IntelliRoll Firm foam roller for firm pressure

FLEX delivers a full body, medium to firm pressure massage experience.

IntelliRoll Flex foam roller for meduim pressure

The SPORT delivers a full body light to medium pressure massage experience.

New IntelliRoll Sport - best light foam roller

Sevak Khodabakhshian, DC, CES (AKA “Dr. K”)


At age 19 I compressed the vertebrae in my neck in a surfing accident that left me temporarily paralyzed and in chronic pain. Inspired by the help I received from chiropractors, I’ve dedicated more than 20 years to helping people just like you develop simple self-care strategies to foster self-reliance.

Every purchase comes with access to my Body Fix University™ which includes a daily recovery and spine-care routine, to support your active lifestyle.


Take care of your spine and it will take care of you. IntelliRoll® comes with a daily back care routine called The Pressure Release Flow™ complimentary with every purchase. Your IntelliRoll® also comes with access to the Body Fix University™ to help you maximize the many benefits of your IntelliRoll®. LEARN MORE



IntelliRoll’s central SPINE ZONE targets the muscles and joints of the spine while protecting the vertebrae. Rolling your spine daily with IntelliRoll’s SPINE ZONE improves thoracic mobility and helps to improve the longevity of your spine.

The Body Zone

IntelliRoll’s concave BODY ZONES wrap around every part of the body massaging multiple muscle groups at once.  They target all the hard to reach areas such as the mid and low back, hip flexor and pectoralis muscles with ease.  As the limbs and torso of the body are round, the concave surfaces distribute pressure evenly over more surface area.  This activates the parasympathetic part of the nervous system facilitating better relaxation and greater efficiency than rolling with straight foam rollers.



IntelliRoll best foam roller
IntelliRoll best foam roller

IntelliRoll best foam roller

IntelliRoll best foam roller
IntelliRoll best foam roller
IntelliRoll best foam roller
IntelliRoll best foam roller
IntelliRoll best foam roller

Professional Endorsements

Bas Rutten – 4x MMA Champion

“I love my IntelliRoll® and use it with patients. Here is why: it safely aligns to your spine through the Spine Zone, improves posture and relieves tension, reduces pain and muscle soreness and molds to every body type.”

Dr. Jen Esquer, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy @DOCJENFIT –
Creator of The Mobility Method

“This smart foam roller hits all the spots traditional rollers can’t get to.  Really feels good!”

HAHA CLINTON-DIX – Free safety for the Green Bay Packers

Brooksie Bayard – MMA Fighter

“I’m loving this new self-care tool! The design works better than any roller I have ever used.  Great product.”

DAVON HOUSE – Cornerback for the Green Bay Packers

As a physical therapist, I have used every kind of roller that you can imagine. None have impressed me more like IntelliRoll®! Accurately named, IntelliRoll® has been a game changer, simply Brilliant. I recommend it to all of my patients and fitness clients!

NATALIE SAMPSON,  DPT – Doctor of Physical Therapy
Owner – Symmetry PT,
Owner – OrangeTheory in Northridge and Westlake Village, CA